Data Integration

Data Integration

Strategy for Your Environment

Thoughtful data integration with respect to a well-planned data strategy is a direct response to today's businesses moving at internet; speeds. Many businesses operate today without a cohesive data integration strategy. They can conduct business and are, understandably, uncomfortable making changes or improvements to a working infrastructure: potential cost, manpower commitment, or the risk of breaking a critical system that is supporting the business are all valid concerns. However, the cost of not acting will continue to accrue like bad debt.

Getting a Return from Your Integration Investment

Data integration is both a technical and a business discussion. The success of true 'enterprise' data integration begins with the definition of clear business processes that define the goals and the business drivers for data movement. Once the business context is established, the integration requirements can be detailed within the context of a business issue to determine if the specific data integration initiative will provide enough value to the business. Some areas that typically provide a ROI for integration include reducing duplicate data entry, improving data quality,and SOXcompliance.

Focused Solutions and Best Practices

Shineteck has successfully implemented data and integration strategies for many fortune 1000 companies. Shineteck's methodology, tools, and approach are both strategic and pragmatic with a focus on real ROI for our clients. We provide focused solutions and best practices, while working as a client/partner team to share risk and rewards. Shineteck's technical specialization in package and custom applications, combined with our business process expertise, is an asset. Also, Shineteck's portfolio of services aids throughout the process, from early road-mapping to implementation to training and rollout.