case study


    Cloud Transformation

    Insight Description:

A Transformation project which converts Mainframe Oracle legacy systems to Java. This project has been developed in AWS and practices CICD DevOps technologies. In this project we are moving on premises DB to AWS and using Mango DB.

**Business Need**
This project helps customers to access their applications from portal. It helps customers to have user friendly portal to submit their loans and have more better options than before.

**Key Challenges**
- Lack of clear goals and success criteria
- Budgeting issues
- Lack of accountability

**Shineteck Inc Solution**

1.Lack of clear goals and success criteria
SMART and CLEAR goal set up can helps the team to come up with a set of effective goals right from the start of a project. This also helps to overcome the barriers of project management. Once we create goals for our project team, we made them obvious to teammates.

2.Budgeting issues
Proper budgeting procedures and making realistic assumptions to avoid cost overruns helped us to overcome this issue. Planning the scope of any project must be done keeping in mind the budget in hand.

3.Lack of accountability
Having Jira as a project tool helps us to assign responsibilities and track our accountability. Additionally, having regular check-ins within the team is important.

**Key Customer Benefits**
Java portal helps our customers better than old legacy black screens.